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If you are a beginner looking to learn English in Sri Lanka, you have come to the right place. Our academy aims to provide a resource for students to practice English speaking. This site contains a wealth of resources to help you learn English free online.
We are a voluntary organization and we do what we do for English learners. EnglishsriLanka is your place for all things English, from grammar and vocabulary to conversational phrases and more. With a wide range of resources and content available, you will never run out of ways to improve your skills and become a fluent English speaker in no time. The courses are prepared at a relatively low level of English, with pretty much all the lessons being around the elementary level. A lot of the vocabulary content would probably even be more introductory or pre-elementary level. Some of the resources you will find here include helpful grammar instructions, English phrases with Sinhala meanings, pronunciation lessons, and more. By dedicating yourself to learning English, you will be opening up a world of new opportunities and possibilities, both personally and professionally. So why wait? Start your journey to English fluency today with English sriLanka English Academy.

EnglishSriLanka is your gateway to English mastery! Discover an extensive collection of English phrases paired with Sinhala meanings, decode English sentences in context, dive into in-depth grammar tutorials, and explore a world of linguistic excellence. Improve your English skills with us and step confidently onto the global stage.

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