Can & Will

Subject + Can + Verb Stem

Can – ( Model Verb)

1. I can do it.

2. You can do it.

Will (Simple Future Tense)

Subject + will + Verb Stem

I will come. (I’ll come.)

I will do it. (I’ll do it.)

She will blame me. (She’ll blame me.)

They will call you. (They’ll call you.)

I will do my best. (I’ll do my best.)

I will do my level best. (I’ll do my level best.)

I will try. (I’ll try.)

I will try to do it. (I’ll try to do it.)

I will try to do something. (I’ll try to do something.)

Question form of “will”

Will he come?

Will he go now?

Will you come tomorrow?

Will you go tomorrow?

Will you go there tomorrow?

The negative form of “will”

Will not = won’t

I won’t come tomorrow.

I won’t eat fish hereafter.

I won’t eat meat hereafter.

They won’t blame you.

She won’t call me.

Namali won’t give your money.

Chapa won’t change her mind.

Malathi won’t sleep now itself.

Question form of “Can”

Can you give me some money?

  • Sure. I will give you.

Can you do me a favor?

  • Sure, I will do anything for you.

  • Can you come tomorrow?

  • Sure, I will Come.

  • Where should I come?

Can you come to Boralla?

  • Sure, I will come.

  1. Can you call me tomorrow?

  1. Sure, I will call you tomorrow.

  1. When should I call? / At what time should I call?

  1. Tomorrow anytime. But it’s better if you can call me after 2.30.

Can + Subject + Verb Stem

  1. Can you tell me your name?

  1. Sure. My name is Sachin Vaas.

  1. Can you bring me some water?

  1. Sure, I will bring it.

  1. Can you keep it on the table?

  1. Sure, I will keep it on the table.

  • Can you pick me up at 2.30?

  • Sure, I will pick you up at 2.30.

  • Can you change it?

  • Sure, I will change it.

  • Can you give me 2000 rupees?

  • Sorry, I don’t have that much.

  • I can give you about 500 rupees.

  • Will he come today?

  • No, he won’t.

  • Yes, he will.

  • Will Mother blame you?

  • No, she won’t blame me.

  • Maybe, I don’t know. Sometimes she will blame me.

Wait. I will make some tea for you.

  • You messed with the wrong generation.


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