Different uses of just

To show that the number is less

1. She is just nine years old.

2. I am just 21.

3. Can you give me just two minutes?

To give the idea that “only

Here “Just” is before the verb.

1. I just want to meet you.

2. I just need to be with you.

3. I just need to meet him.

4. I just need to sleep that’s it.

5. I just need some money.

6. I just need some water.

“Just now”

This is the idea of ​​now

1. He came just now.

2. She went just now.

Using “Just” as the equivalent of Please

Use of Just to mean “Chuttak”.

1. Just take a seat.

2. Just tell your name.

3. Just say something.

4. Just smile.

5. Just hold on.

6. Just wait.

7. Just give me your pen.

8. Just show me your passport.

Applying Just with the idea of ​​”just finished or started”.

1. I finished it just now.

2. Just finished

3. Just started.

4. I just had my lunch.

5. I just finished my lunch.

6. Rain just started.

Use of Just to mean “Nikam”.

1. I just asked.

2. I just called you.

3. I just told you.

4. I just gave you it.

5. I just tried.

Different Uses of Just

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