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Learning English is made easy and fun! In this special post, we’ve gathered a collection of simple English sentences, each sentence with its Sinhala meaning. If you’re starting your English journey or looking to improve your English language skills, These sentences are designed to help you practice and learn English.

The best part? You can download all this content as a PDF. That means you can take your English lessons with you wherever you go, even when you’re offline. So, whether you’re studying at home or on the move, our website is here to support your English learning adventure. Let’s get started and enhance your English skills together!” Practice these sentences to improve your English speaking.

Everyone knows itහැමෝම ඒක දන්නවා
Time to timeවරින් වර
He is coming soonඉක්මනින් එනවා
He is very annoyingඔහු ඉතාමත් කරදරකාරීය
I don’t understandමට තේරෙන්නේ නැහැ
I don’t want itමට ඒක අවශ්‍ය නැහැ
I don’t want to bother youමට ඔයාට කරදර කිරීමට අවශ්‍ය නැහැ
I feel goodමට සනීපයක් දැනෙනවා
If you need my help, please let me knowඔයාට මගේ උදව් අවශ්‍ය නම් අවශ්‍ය නම් කරුණාකර මට දන්වන්න
I have a headacheමට හිසරදයක් තියෙනවා
I’ll call you when I leaveමම යනවිට මම ඔයාට කතා කරන්නම්
I’ll come back laterමම පසුව එන්නම්
I’ll take itමම ඒක ගන්නම්
I’m coldමට සීතලයි
At the endඅවසානයේ දී
Just nowමේ දැන්
On timeනියමිත වෙලාවට
In shortකෙටියෙන්
Why notඇයි නැත්තෙ
Believe meමාව විශ්වාස කරන්න
Is that enough?ඒක ඇතිද?
Next timeඊළඟ සැරේ
Nothing elseවෙන කිසිවක් නැහැ
One more thingතව එක දෙයක්
As soon as possibleහැකි ඉක්මනින්
Simple English sentences to Practice English speaking

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